Our policies

We are open and transparent with our program and our policies to help you understand how we manage our products and services.

Privacy wall


You own your data, and we're committed to protecting the privacy of your data. Our Privacy Policy describes how we protect your data.

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Cloud Security Statement

Our Atlassian Cloud Security Statement details many of the questions that we receive from customers about how we run and secure our Cloud Services. 

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Security Bug Fix Policy

Atlassian makes it a priority to ensure that customers' systems cannot be compromised by exploiting vulnerabilities in Atlassian products.

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Long document

Security Advisory Publishing Policy

Our policy regarding how we notify customers when a critical severity security vulnerability in an Atlassian product is discovered and resolved.

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Guidelines book

Richtlinien für die Strafverfolgung

These operational guidelines are a reference for law enforcement officials seeking customer records from Atlassian. These guidelines are created as a courtesy and do not create obligations concerning how Atlassian will respond in any particular case.

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Transparency Report

As part of Atlassian’s commitment to earning and maintaining our customers’ trust, we have begun publishing an annual Transparency Report with information about government requests for users’ data.

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