What's New In Stash 3.8

Deployment flexibility with Amazon Web Services

Support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides further deployment flexibility, utilizing the benefits of AWS while maintaining control over configuration and setup of Stash. Additional flexibility allows for the configuration of AWS servers as you wish or the use of pre-built Amazon Machine Images (AMIs).

aws support
jmx counters

Monitor and manage Stash with ease

Understanding how an application is performing allows for better decision making around how to maintain and optimize machine resources. The addition of JMX (Java Management Extension) counters in Stash provides administrators additional ability to monitor, anticipate and scale the application to meet growing business needs.

automatically provision stash

Automatically provision a Stash instance or cluster

For those utilizing an on-premise deployment option like Stash Data Center, Stash's setup wizard is a useful guide to setting up your server or cluster. Stash now allows for the automatic provisioning of a server without manual intervention, providing a more automated way to get you up and running faster.

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monitor and manage your deployment
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