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View code in context with syntax highlighting

Jira comments and descriptions now support code formatting and syntax highlighting in over 32 popular programming languages, ensuring collaboration among engineers is more seamless than ever.


Surface dev and build status in more places

Keep your team up-to-date in realtime by surfacing the development status and build status of every issue in Jira's issue navigation.

Split issues with a click

Divide any Jira ticket into two or more smaller, more manageable work items. You can even estimate and re-estimate these tasks as you go.

Move work to done in bulk

Move multiple cards at the same time by pressing control/command to bulk move effortlessly.

Link projects and source code

Pair any Jira Software project to its corresponding Bitbucket or GitHub repository with a click and join the hundreds of thousands of teams releasing 14% more often and closing 23% more issues.

Get full context at a glance

Our redesigned agile cards are cleaner, easier to read, and display the most important information that every team member needs at his or her fingertips.

Move work to done on Android

With Jira Software for Android, your single source of truth is always in your pocket. Track team progress in real time, join the conversation from anywhere, and capture and assign issues on the go.

Prioritize your Kanban backlog

Ensure your Kanban team is always working on the highest priority issues with the new Kanban backlog. Faster and easier prioritization of work items means that the most important work is always ready to be tackled next.

Move work to done on iOS

With Jira Software for iPhone, your single source of truth is always in your pocket. Track team progress in real time, join the conversation from anywhere, and capture and assign issues on the go.

Keep your eye on the goal

Add a sprint goal to each sprint to remind your team of the big picture and the larger objective at hand.

Invite your team with a click

Jira administrators can now add new team members into any project in seconds, directly from the sidebar.

Get started your way

JIRA Software's new onboarding experience gives you a direct path to the project that's right for you. Choose from sample data, imported data, or a brand new project and have your team up and running in seconds. 

Delegiere das Sprint-Management

Neue Sprint-Berechtigungen in Jira Software geben Teamleitern, Scrum Mastern und Endbenutzern mehr Kontrolle. Durch das Hinzufügen neuer Berechtigungsebenen werden Teammitglieder, die gerade an Sprints arbeiten, noch agiler und können ihre Zusammenarbeit selbst und aktiv gestalten.

Stelle den Kontext zu markierten Vorgängen her

Mit der neuen Markierungs- und Kommentarfunktion können in einem Schritt eine Markierung und ein Kommentare hinzugefügt werden, sodass Teammitglieder stets wissen, warum ein Vorgang markiert wurde.

Organisiere umfangreiche Aufgaben.

Für einen besseren Überblick werden abgeschlossene und geschlossene Epics sowie Epics aus anderen Projekten nicht mehr im Epic-Link-Feld angezeigt, wenn das Epic-Link-Dropdown verwendet wird.

Backlog for kanban boards

Teams working in kanban now get a dedicated backlog view, allowing them to plan and prioritize work still in the planning phase in a separate space from the development phase. Also, there's a panel with version and epic filters so issues stay organized and easy to find. 

Set your goals

Add a goal for each of your sprints to keep your team focused. Improving performance, fixing bugs, or perhaps reaching for the stars? It's all up to you. Whatever goal you choose, it will be displayed below the sprint name in the backlog, and on your board and reports.

Rename and delete sprints

Whether it's because of a typo, a scope change, or a sudden outburst of creativity, you can now change a sprint's name, or even delete a sprint completely. This is useful when users have created test sprints, or a sprint by mistake. Instead of keeping these sprints in your project, which might affect your reports and future planning, just delete them and never look back.

Split issues

There are many factors and moving pieces that need to be taken into account when estimating an issue, and often a task that seemed small takes on a lot more weight during planning. Now if an issue is too big, users have the ability to split the issue into two or more issues to make work more manageable. 

Delegate workflow management

Project administrators can now create, edit or delete transitions, or add a status to a non-shared or non-default workflows, giving them more control over their processes while reducing requests on global admins.

Delegate issue screen management

Project administrators can now add, remove, edit or reorder field and tabs within a non-shared issue screen, giving them more control over their processes while reducing requests on global admins.

Export issues directly to CSV

Save yourself time and effort in post-processing with the flexible file type that's compatible with just about every application - CSV. Import and export file types are now consistent so you can trust that the data will be brought over successfully.

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