Get visibility and control over your legal documents

Legal teams use JIRA Core for:

Tracking company document review

Including NDAs and supplier contracts, policy drafting, and patent application filings.

Searchable record keeping

Of executed contracts, regulatory filings, meeting minutes and resolutions, or litigation documents.

Manage legal projects

Need expert review on a contract? See who's completed the task and read the feedback, all in one place. The document review cycle couldn't be much easier to manage. 

Boards are available in Jira Core Cloud only. 

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Monitor legal details

Keep track of stakeholder feedback, important dates, legal explanations – basically the who, what, and when of all your legal documents and issues. Only the people who need to be in the know will know with user permissions in place.

Measure legal team performance

See the status of each contract or issue, what's open and pending, and the reasonings behind the outcomes. Jira Core not only provides you an overview of your team's workload it can be your record keeping tool. 



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Manage your legal review with these Jira Core features

Business templates

Defining and tracking your legal processes is easier with customizable business templates. 


Add important deadlines, and set a schedule for gathering the information your team needs on time.


Use @mentions to get the attention of a lawyer or non-lawyer for feedback and review of contracts and issues. 


Use dashboards for a quick view of what your team is working on and run reports for insights into process performance and improvement.

Use Jira Core for your legal processes

Now legal teams have control over even the most complex processes.

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