Design an unforgettable experience for new hires and prospects

HR teams use JIRA Core to:

Track candidate interviews

Onboard new employees

Manage company policy updates

Organize events

Manage HR projects

Visualize your candidate pipeline with a Jira Core board. See updates at a glance, respond to comments, and quickly adjust to changing schedules. Make sure your team has the latest, latest information and do away with "surprises."

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Monitor HR details

Have you caught yourself saying, "Didn't she/he talk to this person already?" With each step of the process recorded, including candidate details, documents, and feedback in one place, it's easier to make informed decisions. Any team member can take a look, including the boss.

Measure HR team performance

With all of the steps documented and everything in one place, you can find and report on any information you need - like your hiring velocity and onboarding progress.



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Use Jira Core for all your HR tasks

Business templates

Define and track your processes with customizable business templates to match how your HR team works.


Keep everything together - resumes, start dates, open roles - for candidates and the tasks related to their activities.


Use @mentions to gather feedback and critical information from team members across the organization.


Use reports and dashboards to track candidate interviews and get a quick view into your success rate and pipeline.

Use Jira Core for all your HR tasks

Now HR teams can manage the people and happiness pipeline in their organization.

Jira has transformed the way we work at YP. Every team is getting work done faster, and life is so much easier now. They want it all in Jira. —Rodney Sawyer, Technical Director of Collaboration and Productivity Tools
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