Isolated Tasks to Innovating Together

Quick. Proactive. Agile. Atlassian’s collaboration software transforms how IT teams work together to deliver more.

See what IT can be

See what IT can be

Every company is now a software company. Which means IT teams no longer just support the business—they drive the business.

Is IT ready?

Yes, IT is. But to get there, IT teams need to transform. They must enable technical innovation. They must adopt agile practices to plan and execute faster. IT teams can lead. Atlassian will help them do it.

The best IT teams use Atlassian

Join thousands of teams who use Atlassian for their most critical collaborative workflows.

Infinite Tickets to Instant Turnaround

IT service and support

IT service and support

Unlike traditional ITSM tools that are bloated, expensive, and difficult to implement and change, Atlassian products provide a simple but powerful system for managing collaborative IT service and support requests.

IT service desk and customer service

Interrupted Team to Immediate Transparency

IT operations

IT operations

Atlassian products unite development, operations, and support, on a powerful platform to better detect incidents, alert response teams, and coordinate response efforts to resolve issues faster and keep stakeholders updated.

Incident alerting and on-call management

Independent Tools to Integrated Transformation

IT applications

IT applications

Atlassian products form the backbone of effective, cross-team project planning, organization, and communication, so IT can release earlier, more often, and more iteratively, to deliver value to the business faster.

Collaborative technical project planning

5 secrets of high-performing IT teams

IT's role is evolving from “help fix my laptop” to “help me be the best.”

IT Unplugged

Keep up with the latest IT tips, facts, and perspectives.

Atlassian Summit 2019

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