Crowd Licensing and Pricing

Our FAQ contains the most frequently asked questions relating to our licensing and pricing. Of course, if you would like to talk to us directly, please contact our Customer Advocate Team.

Server Licenses

1. What does a new Crowd license cost?

We have designed Crowd licensing to be simple, upfront and equitable. Your initial purchase entitles you to perpetual use of the software, and includes 12 months of software maintenance – access to new software releases/enhancements, our world-class Support team, critical bug fixes, and security patches – from the date of purchase. While renewing your software maintenance annually is optional, it is strongly encouraged in order to ensure continuous access to all of the benefits listed above. 

  Kommerzielle Version Hochschulversion
1 bis 50 Benutzer 10 $ 10 $
51 bis 100 Benutzer 1.650 $ 825 $
101 bis 500 Benutzer 3.030 $ 1.515 $
Ab 501 Benutzern 10.120 $ 5.060 $

* Alle Preise sind in USD angegeben.


2. How much is it to renew my Crowd software maintenance?

All server licenses include 12 months of software maintenance – access to new software releases/enhancements, our world-class Support team, critical bug fixes, and security patches. Beyond this initial period, we strongly encourage renewing your software maintenance every 12 months* at our renewal pricing. 

  Kommerzielle Version Hochschulversion
1 bis 50 Benutzer 10 $ 10 $
51 bis 100 Benutzer 825 $ 412,50 $
101 bis 500 Benutzer 1.515 $ 757,50 $
Ab 501 Benutzern 5.060 $ 2.530 $

* Alle Preise sind in USD angegeben.

Atlassian automatically sends a no-obligation quote 90 days before the maintenance is to expire on a license. You can request a quote at any time; see this FAQ for more details. You also have the option to set up auto-renewal through

*Software maintenance renewals commence from the expiration of your active maintenance period, regardless of when the maintenance renewal is purchased. We recommend renewing at least 30 days before expiration to ensure you can upgrade to new releases and get technical assistance at any time.

3. What is software maintenance?

Software maintenance, included in your first year of use*, gives you the following benefits:

  • Security patches
  • Critical bug fixes
  • New features & enhancements
  • Access to Atlassian's world-class Support team for technical troubleshooting
  • Entwicklerlizenzschlüssel* (Hiermit kannst du die Upgrades testen, bevor du sie implementierst!)
  • Grundsätzliche Möglichkeit zur Teilnahme an Beta-Programmen

Damit du das ganze Jahr über von Softwarewartung profitierst, musst du den Vertrag jährlich verlängern. Weitere Informationen über unsere Verlängerungsbedingungen für Softwarewartung findest du oben. Wir empfehlen dir außerdem, deine Geschäftsprozesse auf häufige Upgrades auszulegen, damit dein Team weiterhin in den Genuss der Vorteile kommt, die auch andere erstklassige Teams nutzen.

* Beachte bitte, dass die Starter-Serverlizenzen für 10 Benutzer nicht für Nicht-Produktions-Entwicklerlizenzen oder technischen Support berechtigt sind. 

4. How do I request a quote?

Requesting an obligation-free quote is easy! You will just need to submit your request through our Atlassian Store. In the final step check "Get a Quote" and click submit.  Only quotes submitted though our online form are considered valid, screen prints of the shopping cart is not the same as a quote.

5. How do you define a Crowd User?

Ein Crowd-Benutzer ist ein Benutzer-Account, das sich gegen eine oder mehrere Anwendungen authentifizieren kann.

6. How is Crowd licensed?

A Crowd commercial/academic/starter license entitles you to:

  • Deploy a single instance of Crowd in a production environment on 1 server accessible by the number of users licensed
  • Unlimited application and directory connections
  • Perpetual Crowd use
  • Software maintenance for 12 months - including all updates and online support
  • Application source code (under a developer source license which allows for broad customization)

Licensing fees are quoted per total number of 'Crowd users.' A Crowd user is defined as any unique user account that can authenticate against one or more applications.

An academic license is available for qualified educational and academic institutions (learn more). Please see our Software License Agreement for more details.

7. What is the cost to upgrade my Crowd license to a higher user tier?

You will be pleased to know that you can upgrade Crowd at any time and all data is seamlessly upgraded. Upgrades include 12 months of software maintenance commencing from the date payment is processed. This will override any existing maintenance period.

Bitte beachte: Die unten aufgeführten Preise* gelten für Lizenzen, die nach dem 12. Okt. 2018 erworben wurden. Die Preise für Lizenzen, die vor dem 12. Okt. 2018 erworben wurden, werden anhand des ursprünglichen Kaufpreises errechnet.

  101 bis 500 Benutzer 501+ Users
Kommerzielle Version
From 51-100 Users to 2.205 $ $9,295
From 101-500 Users to   8.605 $
From 51-100 Users to 1.102,50 $ 4.647,50 $
From 101-500 Users to   $4,302.50

* Alle Preise sind in USD angegeben.

8. How do I purchase a Server license upgrade?

There are two ways to generate a server license upgrade quote:

My.Atlassian Account

When the license's Billing Contact logs into their My.Atlassian account, they can select the license in question, followed by Upgrade. You'll then be routed to our secure Quote & Order form. You can then select the product(s) you'd like to upgrade, and the User Tier you'd like to move to. When you're finished, click Add To Cart. You can then check out, or save the no-obligation quote for later. 

Atlassian Store

Upgrade quotes can be generated directly from the Atlassian Store. After logging in, you'll see Upgrade at the top of the page. You can then select the product(s) you'd like to upgrade, and the User Tier you'd like to move to. When you're finished, click Add To Cart. You can then check out, or save the no-obligation quote for later. 

Data Center

1. What is Data Center?

Data Center is a deployment option providing high availability and performance at scale for your mission critical Atlassian applications. Our Data Center offering is available for Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Crowd. See our Data Center information page for more details.

Please also see our Data Center FAQ for common questions.