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Data-driven by design

Atlassian is over a decade old, but our Data & Analytics team is much younger. We'll have to blaze new trails to enable important growth decisions, so we're constantly growing, learning, and trying to do things differently. You'll be joining a team that is crazy smart and very direct. We ask hard questions and challenge eachother to constantly improve our work. We are self-driven but team oriented. We're all about enabling growth by delivering the right data and insights int he right way to partners across the company.

Browse Data & Analytics jobs
You'll see the work from our data group in all areas of the Atlassian business, from tactical recommendations to strategic initiatives with founder-level visibility. While it's a lot of responsibility, it also means we must have a strong understanding and ownership of the end-to-end data development lifecycle, not just the collation or presentation of it. — Austin Byrne, Senior Manager Marketing Analytics

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