Jira Server to Cloud migration Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I migrate data from Jira Server to Jira Cloud?

Please take our brief survey to determine the best data migration approach based on your unique environment.

What is the user limit in Jira Cloud?

Jira Cloud supports up to 5000 users per site.

Which apps are available for Jira Cloud?

Visit our Marketplace to get the current listings for Jira Cloud apps.

An app I use isn't available for Jira Cloud, how can it be added?

Please reach out to the app developer to request availabilty in Jira Cloud.

What are the feature and functionality differences between Jira Server and Jira Cloud?

Visit our Functional differences in Jira Cloud products and Introducing your new Jira experience articles to learn more.

Which products are available in Atlassian Cloud?

The full list of products available in Atlassian Cloud includes:

  • Jira Software
  • Jira Core
  • Jira Service Desk
  • Jira Ops
  • Confluence
  • Trello
  • Bitbucket
  • Portfolio for Jira
  • Questions für Confluence
Can I connect Jira Cloud to my other Server products?

Yes, you can connect Jira Cloud to other Server products.

How can I keep track of what new features are coming to Jira Cloud?

Follow along on our new public roadmap to see what’s coming in Jira Software Cloud.

Administration questions

What level of access is provided to Jira Cloud administrators?

Site Administrators have the highest administration privileges on an Atlassian Cloud site. They can be considered as the owners of that Atlassian Cloud instance.

The following permissions are currently available to site admins:

  • All permissions assigned to the 'administrators' group for the product(s) you have
  • Access to user management (ability to create new users, assign users to groups, grant product access, etc.)
  • Access to billing information

For more information on administration, check out our site administration documentation.

How do I manage users in Jira Cloud?

Users and groups are managed across all Atlassian Cloud products in a site, including Jira Cloud, from a central user management portal. For details on the various user and group management functionality in Atlassian Cloud, refer to Managing users and groups.

Atlassian Cloud also has the following options to help improve or expand upon your user management capabilities in the cloud.

  • Atlassian Access is a tool for managing authentication and security policies across your Atlassian Cloud users. For more details on Atlassian Access and how it works, refer to our Atlassian Access for Cloud FAQs
  • G Suite integration - You can integrate your existing G Suite user directory with your Atlassian Cloud site. For more information, check out the Security with G Suite and Manage your users articles.
What type of domain names are supported for my Jira Cloud site?

Domain names are chosen for an entire Atlassian Cloud site at the time you sign up for your first Atlassian Cloud product.  The supported format for the domain name is https://<domain_name>, where <domain_name> is a unique word that you specify.

Note: Choose wisely, because your cloud domain name cannot be changed after your cloud site is created.

Is there a storage limit in Jira Cloud?

The storage limit for Jira Cloud products is 250GB, regardless of your user tier.

If you have both Jira and Confluence, each has its own 250GB storage limit (note that all Jira family products have a combined storage limit).

Storage is primarily made up of:

  • Attachments from Jira products
  • Confluence attachments

Storage limits in Cloud are not currently enforced. We are currently revising our storage policy in Cloud and will roll out more options for purchasing additional storage, along with enforcing the limits sometime in 2019. We will notify customers in advance before we roll out these changes.

Currently, it is not possible to increase your cloud storage limit. You can get more detail in our Atlassian Cloud storage policy documentation.

Security questions

Which security standards and certifications cover Jira Cloud?

Jira Cloud sites implement the following security standards:

  • SSL by default and are hosted on a secure hosting facility
  • TSL
  • PFS

Jira Cloud sites adhere to the following standards and regulations:

  • SOC2
  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • ISO/IEC 27018
  • PCI DSS v3.2, SAQ A
  • CSA CCM c3.0.1 

For more information on Atlassian Cloud compliance and security, check out Trust at Atlassian and our Trust FAQs.

Which identity providers are supported in Jira Cloud?

Support for identity providers in Jira Cloud comes with an Atlassian Access subscription. Visit the Atlassian Access documentation to get the current list of supported identity providers.

Licensing and Pricing questions

Can I switch my Jira Server license to a Jira Cloud license?

We cannot switch an existing Jira Server license to a Jira Cloud license since the two products have different licensing mechanisms - Server is perpetual while Cloud is a subscription. To move to Jira Cloud, you would sign up for a new Jira Cloud site and then stop renewing your Server license maintenance.

What is the cost for a Jira Cloud subscription?

Jira Cloud subscriptions are charged per user on a monthly basis, or annually with a discount that equates to two months free.

Please visit our Jira Software or Jira Service Desk pricing pages to determine your monthly or annual subscription fees.

What is the cost of Atlassian Access?

If you choose to add Atlassian Access to your Atlassian Cloud site, it will be billed by the total number of unique users accessing any of the Atlassian Access supported Cloud products (Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Jira Service Desk Agents, and coming soon... Trello). No matter how many products or sites a user has access to, they are counted a single unique billable user. Please visit the Atlassian Access pricing calculator to estimate your cost.

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